Rose's family


Tierza is just starting up a new career as a professional mother, for which she has been well prepared with degrees in humanities/ English (BA, Brigham Young University), anthropology (MA, University of Oklahoma), and two years of graduate work in folklore at Indiana University. When not mothering, Tierza spends her time writing and illustrating children's books, building things (like bookshelves and beds), decorating (see pictures of Rose's nursery) and chasing down interesting local folk traditions, like her current favorite -- memorial messages on vehicle back windows.


Jay works at Quantum Leap Innovations as a software developer. He has a masters degree in Computational Linguistics from Indiana University, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and is extremely interested in using computers to process text in various languages. This is especially useful for in creating search engines, automaticaly translating documents, extracting information out of huge numbers of documents and many other tasks. He is also very interested in the high tech industry, genealogy, and is active in church.